Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the PLB reusable?
A. Yes, the PLB can be used multiple times as long as the thread form has not been damaged in the installation or removal process.

Q. Is the PLB more expensive than a standard nut and bolt.
A. Yes, the PLB is slightly more expensive than a standard bolt with a single nut. However, when the total lifetime cost of the PLB fastening system if taken into considerations, from the lack of manpower necessary to routinely tighten, and replace bolts, to the durability of the PLB thanks to its above-industry standard plating (2,000 + hour salt spray), the PLB equates to a considerable savings over the long term. A standard nut and bolt will not resist self-loosing, there is no comparison in application, just in product cost.

Q. Is the PLB only available in metric sizes?
A. No, the PLB can be made in custom sizes including both metric and unified standard.

Q. Can I use my own nuts with the PLB bolt shaft?
A. No, in order to guarantee our commitment to quality with ALL components of the PLB, the PLB is sold as a complete fastening system, one dual thread bolt shaft and two nuts of different pitches.

Q. How can I tell which nut is the primary nut and which is the secondary, or “lock nut?”
A. The secondary, or “lock nut” will ALWAYS be the colored nut, typically colored with a black plating, but custom plating colors may be available, please contact Perfect Lock Bolt America for more information. Please see installation instructions on Product Tab.

Q. Are special tools required for the installation of the PLB?
A. No, they are not required, however Perfect Lock Bolt America does offer custom sockets that fit standard wrenches to allow for easier installation of the PLB. Please see torque specifications on Product Tab.

Q. Are there installation instructions provided with the PLB?
A. Yes, we provide a complete set of instructions on our website Product Tab and inserts are placed in each box of PLBs.

Q. Where is the PLB made?
A. Perfect Lock Bolt America certifies that the PLB is entirely made in America.