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Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. Wins Complete Business Edge 2.0 Fastener Inventory System

Computer Insights, Inc. gives away $56,000 system for 30th anniversary at NIFS Las Vegas 

ROCKLIN, CA – Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. President and CEO Mark Doll won a complete Business Edge 2.0 fastener inventory, accounting, and tracking solution valued at over $56,000 at last month’s National Industrial Fasteners Show held in Las Vegas, NV. The award winning software is developed by Computer Insights, Inc., based out of Bloomingdale, IL. The Business Edge 2.0 software has been designed specifically for the fastener industry and provides fastener companies with all of the tools necessary to run their business, from order entry to inventory, from accounting to shipping, all within one system.

“We are extremely excited about winning the Business Edge 2.0 system,” said Doll. “As a new company, we came to the show with two goals in mind. First, we wanted to show our new product, the Perfect Lock Bolt, and second, we wanted to research and commit to purchasing a software solution that would fully integrate all aspects of our business, and that could grow with our company. The Business Edge 2.0 system will do just that. I would say both goals were not just accomplished, but exceeded at the show.”

Dennis Cowhey, CEO of Computer Insights, Inc. said, “We couldn’t be happier to see Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. win our new system. They are a young company and they will be able to quickly and efficiently establish best practices in their rapidly growing company with The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0. Mark Doll filled out our survey form online and they need just about everything that The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 offers. It is going to be an excellent fit for them.”
The Perfect Lock Bolt (PLB) is a revolutionary new dual threaded nut and bolt fastening system designed for applications that typically undergo extreme vibration. The PLB features two nuts with different pitched threads on a dual-threaded bolt shaft. The inner-most nut consists of a coarse thread; the outer-most nut consists of a fine thread. When subjected to vibration, the coarse nut travels twice as fast as the fine nut creating a mechanical lock. The more severe the vibration, the tighter the lock becomes. The PLB is non-destructive, causing no damage to the surface material in which the PLB is fastened and the PLB is fully reusable.

The PLB is perfect for any application where vibration, loosening, or safety is a concern including: farm equipment, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, bridges, railroad, refuse separation, mining, oil industry and amusement park equipment.

The Business Edge 2.0 is a leading software system used by fastener companies all over North America. It has been designed exclusively with the needs of fastener distributors in mind. It easily supports management of all the complexities of running a fastener company. The system covers every aspect of the operation and it has all of the unique aspects of the fastener industry built in rather than added on. More information about Computer Insights, Inc. or the Business Edge 2.0 system can be found at More information about the Perfect Lock Bolt, or Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. can be found at

About Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc.
Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc., founded in 2010, is a California-based corporation focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of the Perfect Lock Bolt, a revolutionary new dual thread nut / bolt fastening system designed for the anti-vibration market. More information about the Perfect Lock Bolt, or the company, can be found at

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Revolutionary Bolt and Nut System Eliminates Self-Loosening Problem

- Perfect Lock Bolt consists of a dual-threaded bolt shaft and two nuts of different pitches. –

Rocklin, CA – Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. introduced the Perfect Lock Bolt (PLB), a dual-threaded bolt and nut system engineered to reduce or eliminate self-loosening problems in the fastener industry.

The PLB consists of a dual-threaded bolt shaft and two nuts of different thread pitches. The first, or primary nut on the shaft, is a coarse thread nut. The outer, or secondary nut on the shaft, is a fine thread nut, or “lock nut.” When the PLB is subjected to a self-loosening force in any form, the primary nut moves away from the preloaded pressure along the bolt shaft faster than the secondary lock nut. Under any loosening force, the primary nut and the secondary lock nut move away from the pre-loaded pressure at different rates, creating mechanical lock between the two nuts.

“The Perfect Lock Bolt is a simple, yet ingenious design,” said Mark Doll, Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc.’s CEO. “The Perfect Lock Bolt decreases maintenance and liability, while increasing safety, which ultimately provides a significant cost savings.”

The PLB is designed to reduce, and even eliminate many common problems associated with external loosening forces such as wind, heat-related expansion and contraction, and vibration.

The PLB is ideal for applications such as: bridges, industrial machinery, construction and farm machinery, trucking, aerospace, high-speed rail, amusement parks, wind generation, landfill refuse separation or in any situation where vibration is an issue of concern.

The PLB’s revolutionary new design is fully reusable, causing no damage to the bolt, the nuts, or to the equipment being secured by this patented fastening system. The PLB is coated with environmentally friendly coatings.

The Perfect Lock Bolt has passed and exceeded the Vibration Masters Junker Vibration 25201-B test, and it is available in different grades, sizes, lengths and finishes.

Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc., was founded in 2010 and is a California Corporation, with headquarters in Rocklin, CA.

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013